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Grease trap cleaning is often easily over looked by commercial kitchen managers. Grease traps will be located between the kitchen drains and the public sewage system. Because of this the grease traps are often located outside of the commercial kitchen and it is all too easy to overlook this vital piece of equipment when performing regular inspections.

This is unfortunate because grease traps are an important piece of equipment in a commercial kitchen and they provide the vital service of ensuring food solids, grease, fats and oils are prevented from entering the public drainage system.

Should a grease trap fail or become ineffective due to poor or irregular grease trap cleaning and maintained food waste, grease, fats and oils can make their way into the drainage and could cause a blockage.

Grease Trap Cleaning Before-After Image

Blocked drainage systems will cause foul odours and can cause waste water, sewage and other pollutants to back up the drains into the kitchen, this will incur the business additional costs to put right. It will require the closure and down time of the commercial kitchen while the situation is rectified. But cleaning and regular maintenance of grease traps will prevent the business form incurring these additional and unnecessary costs.

The solid waste collected by grease traps is classified as a controlled waste. Therefore local Environmental Health Officers may during inspection request to see evidence that regular grease trap cleaning is being performed and that any waste (food solids, grease fats and oils) that has been removed is disposed of by a registered waste carrier.

In the event of a blockage or damage to the public sewage system it is also not uncommon for the Environment Agency to get involved and also require evidence that the business has performed regular cleaning and maintenance of the grease traps.

Our team of professional and fully insured commercial kitchen cleaning specialists can effectively and thoroughly clean your kitchen grease traps and will remove and dispose of the waste collected safely. All with the minimum of disruption to your business. Covering all of Dorset and Hampshire, contact us today for a grease trap cleaning quote.