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BESA (also known as the Building Engineering Services Association) and formally B&ES, provide a competence assessment scheme that ensure all BESA registered duct work cleaning engineers are cleaning kitchen extract systems to TR19 standard.

BESA are the authors and originators of the original TR/19 standard. Introduced in 2005 when BESA were still known as B&ES (Building and Engineering Services Association), the TR/19 standard was itself was an update of the TR/17 guidelines with the addition of DW/TM2 guidelines.

TR19 Kitchen Duct Cleaning Underway

This competence scheme requires a company’s health and safety policy to be scrutinised as well as pass office and on site evaluations, to ensure correct procedures and record keeping.

The TR19 as a whole is concerned not just with kitchen grease extraction systems but the internal cleanliness of all ventilation systems including heating, ventilation and air conditioning ventilation ducting and all the corresponding components.

However that said the BESA TR/19 standard is most commonly recognised when spoken of in terms of kitchen extract systems.

All of the registration and training schemes available including those offered by BESA simply ensure the designated premises supervisor can be sure the company doing the work are not cowboys.

The designated premises supervisor is typically a manager on site and it is they who are legally responsible for the safe operation of the kitchen. Utilising a reputable and accredited company can be satisfied that their kitchen extraction system is properly cleaned to TR19 standard.


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Kitchen Ducting Cleaning Underway

TR19 Ducting Clean Underway