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Extraction ducting cleaning enquiries have been coming thick and fast this January. This year started with some great new commercial cleaning contracts for prestigious local companies. Locally renowned names from the leisure industry in Bournemouth and the New Forest, such as West Beach, Aruba, The Lanes of Lymington and more, All of whom understand the benefits of having their extraction ducting cleaned on a regular basis.


Extraction Ducting Cleaning Benefits

The proprietor of one of the restaurants we recently worked at commented on how he wished he had the extraction ducting cleaned earlier. Not solely for the TR19 certificate and keeping within legislation, but also because it had improved the air quality and cooking environment in the kitchen for his chefs and workers.

He has already booked OvenKing in six months from now for an inspection. Better and more efficient air extraction is one of the many benefits of extraction ducting cleaning that we try to explain to our clients. It is not all about legislation and fire safety, it also creates a more comfortable working environment for staff, and cuts down on smells, and air particulates from the kitchen ruining the atmosphere front of house for customers.

If you are looking for an extraction ducting cleaning service for the whole system or any part thereof give OvenKing a call for a competitive quote.

OvenKing hold all the necessary insurance, have a rigorous health and safety policy in force and for corporate clients we can provide bespoke risk statements. We are more than happy to tender for regular multi site commercial cleaning, and kitchen extraction ducting cleaning works…