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It’s always nice when efforts and hard work are noticed. But imagine our delight when we saw an email from Twitter today, that informed us the Good Housekeeping Institute had mentioned us. Not only that, but the link in the tweet led to an article about oven cleaning, which too explicitly mentioned our company, OvenKing.

Extolling the virtues of using a professional oven cleaner as we have done for many years now, the article also gave some sage advice. Such as not using store bought oven cleaners on stainless steel ovens. Which many people fail to realise until it is too late. The article also gave realistic advice regarding oven cleaning costs expected when engaging the services of a professional oven cleaner.

Cost is often the primary barrier to people using a professional oven cleaning company. But once people have used the services of an oven cleaner then many, if not all of them would never go back to cleaning their oven themselves. The time it saves, the result achieved and the security of knowing a reliable, trained and insured person is cleaning your oven is invaluable.

The article “Why you should use an oven cleaning service”, as published on the Good Housekeeping Institute website can be read here;