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Martin Edworthy is the newest graduate of the OvenKing oven cleaning training and the latest OvenKing certified oven cleaner. Martin came to us from the West Country to learn the business of oven cleaning, and how to set up, run and market his new business.


After a lot of research into all the available oven cleaning company startup options, Martin decided oven cleaning training represented the best option for him. And that the OvenKing training package offered everything he needed.

Martin came down to us with his chosen work van, and OvenKing did our usual job of fitting a partition and kitting it out with the oven cleaning tank, and stocking it with all the relevant chemicals and tools so that as soon as he returns home he was ready to trade. All done in the background whilst Martin was out on his oven cleaning training course.

During Martin’s intensive 4 day course he went out with two different OvenKing technicians, to give him experience from two different perspectives. When Martin came back to the office on his final day to go through the operations manual we gave him some more great business advice to help him boost his oven cleaning business which he gratefully appreciated.

OvenKing pride ourselves on providing an oven cleaning training course that not only teaches the practical elements of oven cleaning. But teaches people how to run and market their new business, this prepares them for the realities of running an oven cleaning business. This is an exta benefit to the oven king training package which we think will benefit all aspiring oven cleaners greatly.

Martin left OvenKing ‘all fired up’ aften his oven cleaning training course and already has found success from his initial business marketing. He has also been very active on social media ensuring all his friends, family and acquaintances know what he is doing now and help push him forward. Martin has already picked up a contract with a local butchers chain and has started taking bookings for oven cleaning work already. We wish him all the success in the world and are proud to have trained him.