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OvenKing are in the unique position of being able to react extremely quickly to emergency call outs. Our new client, TGI Friday’s UK, was in dire need of a clean of their extraction filters at their Poole site. The condition of their filters was effecting the performance of their extraction system and had the potential to cause further issues and hindrance to their day to day business.

Their first port of call was of course to search the internet high and low for companies in Dorset who provided extraction cleaning services. And our web presence meant we received the inquiry call first. From the initial call at 5.30pm, when most other companies would not be in a position to even answer the phones, we were able to send the client proof of our public liability insurance, and health and safety documentation. This meant that TGI Friday’s, the client were able to send us a purchase order to commence work the same evening and we indeed did turn up that evening to complete the emergency cleaning works.

When we arrived on site it was explained to us that the client had been advised by the extraction filter manufacturers to hot dip their filters in a caustic solution each night after closing, to keep the filters clean. Or at least sufficiently clean that they would only require a professional clean every month.

It was clear to us that unfortunately this cleaning system was not sufficiently removing the grease deposits and they had built up to such a level that it was effecting the performance of the duct extraction system.


OvenKing was able to as mentioned arrive the same evening, remove the filters from the extraction system and dip them in our own van mounted hot tanks with an eco-friendly non-caustic degreaser. We then finished the process with a high professional high pressure steam jet. This blasted the loosened grease out of the filters.

This gave the filters a very thorough clean, in almost as new condition again. So our clients can again maintain this finish by continuing with their existing method of cleaning until they require our services again

With our rapid response and quality of work hopefully they will allow us to tender for all their cleaning work when the contracts are due for renewal.

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