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If you haven’t read our blog or been in contact before you probably don’t know what OvenKing Nationwide are all about. Being a full service commercial cleaning company OvenKing offer a number of services you may not have though of. Below is a copy of our introduction letter sent to potential clients;


Thank you for allowing us to introduce OvenKing Nationwide.

OvenKing Nationwide are a full service commercial cleaning company serving the general catering sector. Offering services as diverse as HVAC TR19 (TR/19) inspection, TR19 cleaning, TR19 certification, general kitchen cleaning, kitchen appliance cleaning, carpet cleaning and more besides.

OvenKing commercial kitchen cleaning services include;
● Total commercial kitchen deep cleaning, to environmental health standards
● Kitchen appliance cleaning, including oven and fryer deep cleaning
● TR19 compliant HVAC duct inspections, cleaning and certification

TR19 is the standard to which HVAC (including kitchen duct extractions) systems MUST be maintained and is the leading guidance document issued by the B&ES Association.

OvenKing Nationwide can provide a duct inspection and if required cleaning service to the catering trade that is compliant with TR19 recommendations. Also as part of this service includes issuing TR19 certification for the duct systems as often required by premises landlords and insurance companies. This documentation is also regularly inspected by Environmental Health Officers.

OvenKing understand the catering industry and the demands placed upon restaurant managers time, so upon request for a free no obligation quote for any of our services we can visit your premises at a time convenient to yourself and your business. Including early mornings and evenings.

If you accept our quote and any prescribed works we can complete the cleaning within your time frame and at a time convenient to yourself and your business including overnight. We aim to avoid any interruption to your normal daily business.

We look forward to hearing from you with your inquiry and please remember OvenKing Nationwide whatever your commercial cleaning requirement.


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