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Healthy eating and commercial kitchen cleanliness in our experience is intrinsically linked.

The commercial kitchen cleaning and duct cleaning is still going from strength to strength. And it is nice on the odd occasion to find a kitchen and extraction system which will be a relatively straight forward job, and won’t leave us or our equipment covered in grease and fat.

This is usually found when in particular the premises in question has a healthy eating policy or health centric menu. Many nursing homes and educational establishments such as schools have healthy eating policies to partially satisfy their duty of care and responsibilities.

Commonly restaurants are also opening with a healthy twist or USP, such as vegan restaurants as the demand for healthy options to match healthy lifestyles increases.

As you can appreciate when healthy food is prepared and cooked the air borne particles released and extracted are very different to when a kitchen is running deep fryers and grills. And these air borne particles are the cause of the grease and dirt and grime that collects in commercial kitchen ducting. Not that this doesn’t pose its own problems. Often these kitchens suffer from excessive build up of dust in their extraction ducting.

But we can tell you it is a much simpler and more pleasant cleaning a small amount of grease deposits and dust from an extraction system than it is when the extraction ducting is coated in a thick layer of grease and fat.

We often comment on how you can draw comparisons between commercial kitchen ducting and the arteries that carry blood around your body. It is very easy to compare and contrast the effect of healthy and fatty foods on the arteries when you can see the effect the type of food prepared and cooked has on the internal condition of the ducting in a commercial kitchen.

We have been to view extraction systems with a view to quote for work where the system in question is literally coated inches thick in grease, to the point where fatty stalactites and stalagmites are forming within the ducting. These are then usually the restaurants we choose not to frequent ourselves. Especially when you consider that the fat in the ducting is the same fat you put into your body when eating at those restaurants.

It is also worth not forgetting to check the hygiene rating of the restaurant when you are considering eating there, it is also in our experience much easier to keep a kitchen clean when the food cooked is healthy than when the food cooked is fatty. And your first priority as a food service establishment is the cleanliness of your kitchen, for the basic safety of your clientele.