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Oven cleaning customers be aware!  Ovenking are coming across time and time again with our customers asking us if we could come and clean their oven properly as, like most people, they have tried to save a few pounds from our quote, choosing another cleaner, who, when turn up may not even a have van but a small car instead, coming out with literally a bucket, sponge fairy liquid and a scaring pad and charging near to what we charge, when we turn up with our professionally logo’d vans, uniformed staff, public liability, Eco friendly products and an oven cleaning tank, scrapers, floor protection, plus many other sundries, how can possibly we be judged like for like!

These customers are coming to us to late but we are not stubborn enough to say we are not interested when somebody has chosen the wrong cleaners, although they still pay once for the job to be done incorrectly and a second time for it to be done correctly!

Don’t make the same mistake! Call us now on 01202 70 50 45 and speak to one of our cleaning operative to get you booked in!