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End Of Tenancy Cleaning in Bournemouth kick off!

Since we began OvenKing, we have been expanding our services, but one that we offered from the start has still proven popular, and had excellent reviews from our customers, and still carries on today satisfying all customers, this service, is End OF Tenancy Cleaning.

This cleaning service that we offer, is available for anybody leaving their property, or preparing it for new tenants, including people who’re looking to sell their house.  Our end of tenancy cleaning in Bournemouth covers areas of cleaning including;

  • Dusting all shelving, skirting boards, door, handles including all kitchen cabinets and handles
  • Cleaning all windows within the property
  • Professionally cleaning the oven to our normal, high standard.
  • Professionally cleaning all carpets within the property including stairs, to our normal, high standard.
  • Deep cleaning all bathrooms and toilets.

When we leave your property you will be left pleasantly surprised at the results, the house will smell fresh from the carpet clean, your oven will be sparkling, along with shining windows and a squeaky clean bathroom(s)

The main benefit we offer to our customers with this service is, that you only ever deal with one cleaning company, not 3 separate ones or even more, making life easier for you to manage and keep track of.

With our excellent check-a-trade reviews, backed up by our positive testimonials on our website, you can be sure that we will provide a service next to none, leaving you with that piece of mind while we are cleaning that once we have left, the job will be executed to the highest possible standard

So now you’ve read this, your next step is to pick up that phone and dial 01202 70 50 45 speak to one of our friendly operatives and see how we can help you today!