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Once again OvenKing is expanding!  Since we began our new marketing campaign last month we have now seen a massive influx in the amount of working coming in, with more satisfied customers, clean ovens that look brand new in our customers homes, we have now become an established brand in the local area, being advertised voluntarily by our satisfied customers recommending to their friends and family to have us carry out the task of cleaning their oven!  The amount of bookings we are gaining from word of mouth increases weekly meaning we now need our new recruit!  Have you heard about us yet?

So this is where Rockley our newest addition to the team comes in!  When we advertised for our newest recruit, Rockely, came to us and stuck out frophoto 3m the rest, with his cleaning experience he had gained over many years of work complimented by a must have skill we look for which is being able to deal professionally with customers at the same time in a friendly manner we knew he would be a good recruit for the OvenKing team definitely with his mindset towards his work making sure that whatever he does, he makes sure it is to the best of his ability.  We very quickly decided to invite him on board and come along with our main oven cleaning technician, Florin, for 3 days to gain some valuable in-field experience.

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Becoming an OvenKing cleaning technician is not as easy job to complete, you’re dealing with customers in their homes, you’re responsible for making sure you keep a clean and tidy work area meanwhile every job is different, there are no two jobs the same.  As all ovens vary in brand, size, shape, you have to be very logical and smart when it comes to taking apart the ovens for cleaning, on top of that you have a schedule to keep, a car to run and maintain as well as handling customers money, filling out invoices and reporting back to the head office on your situation, this is why Rockley stuck too us, we knew he had the savvy to handle the work!

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Rockley is now in the final stages of his training carrying out test cleans on our ovens as part of his final preparation on his training scheme.  In the next couple of days he will be ready to embark on his new adventure with OvenKing, we know hes got what it takes to make it! Good Luck Rockely!




If you need your oven cleaned, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be visited by Rockely himself! Feel free to call us now on 01202 70 50 45 so you can speak to one of our friendly oven cleaning technicians!