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Say hello to our littel friend , Joe!   Our newest finest recruit! Due to the large demand for our services we have taken the plunge to recruit yet another cleaning operative for our Dorset operations!  Before Joe decided to come along and become an OvenKing he used to work on building sites, but when he spoke to us we saw massive potential hidden inside of him!

Joe stuck out too us with his great customer and communication skills, the instant we spoke to him we felt he would be good talking to our customers to make sure there experience during our services were carried out professionally, but at the same time retaining the element of friendliness we strive to achieve.

So Joe has been working for us for two weeks now representing OvenKing and is receiving money tips on a daily basis from extremely satisfied customers who have been dazzled by the service being provided!  We feel confident that he will continue to satisfied the needs of our customers and provide a level of service above and beyond what is expect!

Joe Now Cleans Commercial Kitchens too!

We have now decided to integrate Joe into our commercial kitchen cleaning operations too after seeing him carry out our services to such a high level we feel confident he will be able to cope with the higher level cleaning!

Keep up the great work Joe!

If you want Joe to help carry out an oven clean at your house, pick up the phone now and speak to our friendly team on 01202 70 50 45