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Since OvenKing made waves in the commercial kitchen cleaning world, we’ve come across many shapes and sizes of kitchen as well and various degrees of grease and grim build-ups!

Now we’ve started working in the commercial cleaning world its come to our attention how many commercial kitchens are actually massively behind on their cleaning which has been stated in the law is illegal.  When we actually inform the restaurant owners of cost for the work and how important it is to be carried out along with the task involved for us to complete the job, they quickly realise what we’re charging is reasonable and cheap!

It seems after receiving and completing multiple jobs, we are now becoming a local recognised name in the world of restaurants, the phone has been ringing daily with established restaurants owners as well as local takeaways, seeking a quote from one of our trained technicians so that we help them!


New Filter Cleaning Service

One of our most recent customers came from an established restaurant in Christchurch whom was recommended to speak to us after having a chat with his friend, we served this person just over a month ago and was so pleased with the results that he spread the word about us!

This new customer asked us for a quote on cleaning his filters, so we happily came out to look at them and could instantly tell that they were well past needing to be cleaned, he must have known he needed them cleaned due to his haste in wanting us to complete the task.

Fortunately OvenKing can provide a service to collect and clean commercial kitchen filters in a matter of 48 hours, they will look brand new, all grease and grim removed, dirt deposits non-existent and dust removed, allowing them to work at maximum efficiency!

With our profession team of commercial kitchen cleaning technicians, high-tech equipment, complimented by our extensive knowledge of the cleaning world, you can be sure that we’ll leave your commercial premises in a spotless condition.

We now even offer a fortnightly, monthly or quarterly cleaning service for your commercial kitchen filters!

Any of these services can be arranged with us completely stress free, by giving us a call on 01202 70 50 45.  Have a chat with one of our friendly technicians and see how we can help you today!