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photoOur second promotion at castle point was another great success, it was a beautiful sunny day, and a very busy Saturday for the Castlepoint shopping centre. This visit was to be our second promotion for OvenKing, we had visited last year which proved to be extremely popular.

We have already been promoting a vast amount already via local medias, leaflet dropping and through social networking sites but due to how prosperous Castlepoints advertising proved to be in the previous year, we thought it’d be a great idea to re-visit.

It became apparent shortly into the day that OvenKing had become a local brand in the area, people were recognising us as they walked by saying they’d used us before or heard about us through word of mouth, people were saying how they were extremely pleased with the results and how their ovens now looked brand new since we cleaned them!


A few customers have already re-booked that we visited before, and other people that were already aware of us but hadn’t got around to booking with us did when they saw us on the day! Now because of our exposure at Castlepoint even more people are now aware of us!

The OvenKing prize draw went brilliantly and a few unsuspecting customers went away from Castlepoint with great prizes from expensive cutlery sets to cocktail glasses! All in all the OvenKing team felt it was a very worthwhile exercise, pushing our brand once again enabling us to meet new and existing customers.

We all hope in the OvenKing family will continue to flourish, and we will carry on meeting all of our customers expectations and a continuation of our expansion!