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We’ve been having some fun in the marketing department here at OvenKing, with a new video we have in the making.

We now have the new screenplay ready to go!  We will keep you updated with snippets as they become available.

Let’s just say it contains… Dave, Oven’s and Rambo!!!


This was our first draft…nothing like what the video now is!

Tired of the daily grind? Commute to work got you down? Missed the kids sports day or school play again? Feel you are not being rewarded for your hard work?


Why not make a change for the better today?

So do you want ….

the potential to earn £1000+ per week, and finally be rewarded for every ounce of effort you put in to your work?

Where every job you meet new people in new places, where no two jobs are the same?

With the freedom to choose your hours and schedule to fit around your home life?

Well you can have all of this and more with your own OvenKing franchise!

OvenKing provide you with everything you need to get started in the lucrative business of oven cleaning. From a full and comprehensive training course, which will allow you to complete your work to the highest of industry standards, to a professional sign writing service for your van, ID badges. uniform, stationary, marketing material. And most importantly the cleaning equipment and chemicals.

You can be your own boss with the least amount of fuss, going to work and earning an income sooner than any sole trader who sets up alone would.

And when YOU need advice or support you have the back up of the OvenKing franchise network. You may be working for yourself but you certainly won’t be on your own with the support of OvenKing.

So what should you expect when you commit to joining OvenKing? You will be invited to OvenKing head office where you will receive your oven cleaning business training. The training is a mixture of theory and practical work.

The theory work is in our classroom environment and is as brief as we can keep it, because there is no better way to learn than to DO! During the practical work you will go out with an experienced oven cleaner who will at first assist you with oven cleaning, but the aim is to gradually ease you in to the work until you can confidently complete work yourself.

Aside from actual oven cleaning you will be taught how to keep proper records for self employment, how to effectively market your business to gain new customers and retain existing ones and even how to expand your business or services to make more money week on week.

All this means you will be prepared to go to work from day one and earn an income as soon as you have completed the training and received your industry leading cleaning chemicals and equipment.

This isn’t where your relationship with OvenKing ends, it is where it begins. OvenKing will continue to provide you advice and support where required, Even with additional training when required throughout your career. OvenKing also continue to test marketing strategies both at local level and national level and advise you of the most effective marketing strategies suitable for your business.

Get in touch with our friendly team and open the door to a bright new future.

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