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What does OvenKing do that benefits you more, than what the other companies do?

At OvenKing, our fully trained and qualified staff are here to meet your needs. We use non-caustic chemicals, which avoids damaging your oven, unlike chemicals used by other cheaper cleaners. We have correctly equipped vans with the tanks heated up with a chemical formula to effectively clean your oven shelves, trays and fan. This removes bad odours being generated by your oven, and actually makes your food taste how it should!

Meanwhile doing this, our specialists are fully insured to carry out the service we are offering.


All our operatives are DBS Checked (Disclosure and Barring Service) previously known as CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) to give the you the comfort that their criminal record has been checked out before letting them inside your home. They all have an Identity badge on hand to show they’re official OvenKing operatives.

Our process

Once our specialist arrives at your home, they will first cover the surrounding area of the oven with a protective padded mat, to protect your flooring from being damaged, and areas getting dirty around your oven.

We will remove the oven door, fan, also the shelves, trays and anything else that is removable to assist in the thorough cleaning. These will be placed into our dip tanks, to give them the most effective deep clean. Meanwhile doing this we will heat your oven upto the correct temperature, preparing it to be cleaned with our eco friendly bio degradable non-caustic chemicals.

Once your oven is hot enough, our specialist will remove the built up residue inside the oven door and we will carefully take the oven apart and thoroughly clean it. The end result, is a happy you but also a showroom looking oven, and this process approximately takes 2 – 2-30 hours!

What others Offer?

Others offer to clean for £25-£35 and it will be very unlikely they will be insured, so when things go wrong, or problems occur, due to a bad job, you will be left alone to deal with the problem! While cleaning your oven, the caustic, carcinogenic chemicals will effect the taste of your food due to releasing fumes. They will aim to be in and out of your house in the least time possible regardless of the end result. It goes back to that old synergy, you get what you pay for at the end of the day.

The guarantee with OvenKing is, that you will get what you’ve paid for. You can read on Check a Trade or our website, our most recent reviews by customers we’ve served.