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All things are on the up and up or onwards and upwards which ever you prefer for OvenKing, with our consistent marketing pushing our brand image and working hard on promotions OvenKing got to its 2000th oven clean this week. This coincidentally was for a repeat customer, Suzie.

Suzie was delighted and ecstatic when Duane and Florin turned up with a voucher for her next oven clean free and a set of crystal glasses. she was one happy customer, but not only is she a happy customer but we have many more, evidence of which is clearly visible on the independent trade person review site Checkatrade.

We don’t of course give everyone a check a trade card, because we would run out of cards everyday. Also here in the office Karl has upped the ante with new marketing strategies, and as we are a hands on company we continue to develop our brand and marketing and of course this is beneficial for our Franchisees.

Franchisees such as Gary in Southampton, who continues to work hard and build his business, building up to the average full time work of 3 cleans a day and starting to get his own positive feedback. Gary has taken the business on board with the full support and help from his family who help him deliver leaflets weekends which will be far more pleasant in the coming summer months.

We also look forward to our leaflets arriving for commercial cleaning, we have a lot of interest in commercial services and have commercial jobs under our belt. So we now feel it is a good market to actually advertise to, and it is an off shoot service we can train and offer to franchisees to strengthen their business position in their local community.

Watch this space, Oven King is moving forward and this time next year we will be a nationally recognised brand.