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daryl selfDaryl Self Managing Director of OvenKing, explains why joining a corporate franchise company will be more beneficial than starting up on your own.

Many people are attracted to the financial and lifestyle rewards of working for themselves. But the idea of being self employed can also be as daunting a prospect as it is exciting. Joining a successful franchisee model can negate many of these potential worries.

Of course it is possible to set up your own oven cleaning company as well as almost any other type of company, and you could possibly save yourself a few pounds in the process but this really is a false economy. The old adage “You get what you pay for” really is true in this instance. By joining the OvenKing franchise you will benefit from the wealth of experience of the company, the testing and sourcing of chemicals, equipment and tools, and the marketing experience within the company to ensure you are getting work from day one.

The franchise entry fee may seem like a lot of money at first glance but the majority of it is invested back into the training and the equipment, including uniform, van livery, tools, chemicals, van fixtures, health and safety equipment and tools the franchisee receives prior to their first booking. It is also invested in the ongoing back up and support which includes a launch day in your local area, a flyer campaign, and social media and web presence. OvenKing also continue to take your bookings ensuring you never miss a call or in turn miss a booking and are always on hand for advice or guidance to grow your business.

Where else can you get all of those benefits if you set up alone? The monthly contributions also help pay for the ongoing marketing of the OvenKing cleaning business and the franchise business which grows our brand and in turn yours, including franchisee visibility and good will.

OvenKing can assure franchisees that join them, that they really have the recipe for success which would take you years of trial and error to learn on your own.