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Here at OvenKing HQ business seems to be going from strength to strength, with the consistency of enquiries regarding new oven cleaning bookings and our regular customers returning to us for an oven re-clean, 3-6 months later. Our existing customer bases loyalty is both impressive and very appreciated by all our team.

From our conversations with repeat customers none of them seem to get tempted by these stupid Groupon, Wowcher, Living Social and other voucher deal type website offers as they know we offer a valuable and worthwhile service for a good price already. Imagine if you booked an oven clean at a discount rate through a voucher website. When the oven cleaner comes to your home to do the job their heart really isn’t in it. They only earn £10-£15 by the time the voucher company takes their cut. Our customers know we take time and care doing an oven clean and as such a proper job takes 2-3 hours, not including the travel time to the job. Would you go to work for £30-£45 a day before you pay for fuel and chemicals? Can you expect your oven cleaner to put their best effort into the job if thats the situation they are in. In most cases to make it worthwhile the oven cleaning job they do is not as comprehensive as ours, rushed and in some cases not even satisfactory, or walking away and not honoring their commitment to clean your oven.

We still stand by our ethos of not offering voucher deals through websites such as these Groupon type sites as it drives public misconception of the nature of the industry, the quality of service and value customers expect from an oven clean and drives prices down for the whole industry. We are quite happy charging the best price we can offer to be able to deliver the service and result that we and our customers are delighted with. We do not just settle for satisfactory.

before and after oven clean

We are now coming up very shortly to our 2000th oven clean, so what we have decided to do here at OvenKing is to have a bit of a splash and celebration, so the customer who calls us and books the 2000th oven clean will get a kitchen related prize on the day we turn up to clean their oven and will also be given a voucher for their next clean free. The voucher will also be transferable so if they want to introduce OvenKing to friend or family member they can.

We would like to finish this blog post with a bit of humour and hope that if you have 2 minutes you can click onto this link to watch a short funny video. OvenKing lent our long term customer and good friend our promotional commercial vehicle to help him out so that he could move some furniture. He assured us he was a good driver as he set off, however you can draw your own opinion from this video of him returning the van!

Anyone about to re-book don’t forget you could be our 2000th customer. And as always it is great to keep you updated.