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OvenKing offer oven cleaning services to consumers, from head office in Christchurch, Dorset. OvenKing cover the area of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch where they have an enviable reputation for quality and customer service. The brand is well known in the area and OvenKing wish to capitalise on the cleaning, marketing and business experience of its personnel and expand its business nationally and so are offering franchise opportunities in territories throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The oven cleaning and valeting market is heating up. Whilst not a traditional home service the industry is forecast to continue to grow as people have less time to attend to cleaning an oven with the modern hectic lifestyle. It is also not a popular home chore and one that is difficult and can take a long time without the correct tools and experience. Traditional off the shelf oven cleaning solutions are also typically caustic and damage the oven components and are harmful to pets and children and also give off an unpleasant odour.

The oven cleaning service OvenKing provide is different and does away with all these issues. The customer is not required to complete the clean themselves and can spend the time how they wish. The service is flexible and can be scheduled around the customer’s work and life commitments requiring only a 2-3hour window to complete the clean in the average home oven.

The chemicals OvenKing use and supply their franchisees are eco friendly and pet safe, they do not emit any harmful fumes and so pets and children can be in the home whilst the clean is carried out, there is just a mild scent of citrus left behind and the oven is ready to use immediately after the clean. When you factor in the cost it is not a financially prohibitive or exclusive service either and the cost is comparable to a car valet.

OvenKing spend a considerable amount of time researching chemicals, tools and procedures so that they can continually refine and improve the oven cleaning process, quality of results and service. When changes are made to improve the overall service these changes are filtered down to OvenKing’s franchisees so that they too can benefit from increased productivity, better results or customer service. Which OvenKing hope will increase the good will and profitability of its business and that of its franchisees.

Every occupant or owner of a dwelling whether a flat, apartment or house that has a domestic oven or cooker is a potential customer.  Further opportunities exist in the lettings market including student accommodation and sheltered housing. With the cooking appliance in the average home costing anything from £200 to thousands of pounds for an AGA or Range cooker, it makes sense to spend a little extra money to prolong the appliance’s life by ensuring it is cleaned regularly.  Combine this with the obvious aesthetic benefits, and the improved taste of the food and it is not hard to see why many customers return to OvenKing for a re-clean within the year.

With the population growth of Great Britain and Northern Ireland not likely to contract but to grow further, and free time becoming more valuable the opportunities for franchisees to earn a comfortable living from the business proposition OvenKing offer is apparent.

Additionally OvenKing offer to franchisees a head office booking service so that franchisees do not miss bookings or have to be interrupted during the working day to quote potential customers for work.