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OvenKing are proud to be recommended by Quality Electrical in House magazine this week. Quality Electrical are specialists within their industry and have been suppliers of white goods and other consumer kitchen equipment for many years. They really are the experts on supply and repairs within this field.
We were very proud to be asked to put a small post in House, within their top tips section  about kitchens. We suggest that customers yeed their brilliant advise such as “All ovens, be they gas or electric, built in or free standing, should be easily accessed for servicing and have an isolation tap/shut point to enable you to turn them off without affecting any other products”, when “using a gas oven you are advised to always have a window open or a door left a jar”, and “keeping your oven clean is not too much of a task when you cook your roasts in a special bag” also that you “get better cooking results by pre-heating your oven” additionally “always remember that correctly installed products last longer”.  As far as OvenKing are concerned we will be very pleased to work along side Quality Electrical and be pleased to take any oven cleans that they put our way.

Hopefully we can have a long successful working relationship with Quality Electrical. Wishing Quality Electrical all the best along with Poole Hill Kitchens.