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Here at OvenKing we are pleased but very unexpected to be getting calls from customers who are looking to remove some creepy critters from their ovens before Halloween!! Everyone needs the spiders, cobwebs and creatures taken out of their spooky ovens before they cook up some wicked concoctions.

Halloween Oven

Of course we are delighted to satisfy them and clean their ovens for the occasion. We are flat out which is great for the company. We are expecting more of a rush for the Christmas festive season as nobody wants to be cooking anything creepy for Christmas or to have anything in their ovens to spoil their Turkey and Christmas puddings. There is still time to book with OvenKing before Halloween and Christmas, and we will be delighted to take your call. Dont leave it too long as there are only a few slots left before Halloween.

If we dont hear from you for Halloween we would hope to hear from you for your Christmas booking.

Have a Spooooky Halloween!!!

Halloween Oven Head