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Oven cleaning is a multi-million pound industry with more than 28 million homes in the UK as a potential customers. Most local businesses need a cost effective marketing compaign in place to continually generate new leads and build up further rapport with local residents, oven cleaning businesses are no different. Joining Oven King as a registered franchisee comes with all the benefits of becoming part of an already establish brand that is becoming a household name within the industry. This means that Oven King have put into place a centralised marketing structure that generates new leads for business on a daily basis especially within the existing franchise areas.

There are quite a few cost effective marketing methods for service based local businesses like local leaflet distrubution. If you have started an oven cleaning business or have joined an oven cleaning franchise then you will most probably have started your local business in an area that you are familiar with or have lived in for a long time. Because of this you’ll benefit from advanced local knowledge and already have a good indication of the type of areas that are available to you, where the more affluent areas are and areas that feature a higher percentage of eldery residents who we have found seem to be a good percentage of customers.

There are a lot of ways you can go about distrubuting leaflets in your local area. One way to distrubute leaflets locally includes paying a third party company to distribute the leaflets for you, costs can vary but this normally comes to around £40-£60 per 1,000 leaflets delivered. If out of those 1,000 leaflets delivered you only get 5 jobs, with an average job of £75, then you have made around £350 in profit which if done on a weekly basis leads to a good starting salary which will only improve as time goes on. The only problem with paying third party companies to deliver your leaflets for you is that it’s very hard to guarantee that the leaflet actually got delivered in the first place and even if it did, that the leaflet got into the hands of the customer and wasn’t just lost in amongst hundreds of other leaflets that were delivered in a ‘spammy’ way.

The cheapest and most cost effective way of delivering your oven cleaning leaflets is to simply do it yourself. Or pay a local student or teenager who wishes to make a little extra money in their spare time. Cost per 1,000 leaflets works out to around £20-30 or free if you do it yourself and acts as a much more powerful method as you will most likely be wearing your official uniform and on the odd occasion meeting, greeting and speaking to your prospective customers and building that all important rapport that all local businesses strive off of.