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Oven King would to share with you some very important information and things to consider when buying an Aga oven. As part of Oven King’s ongoing desire to becoming well rounded specialists in all types of ovens we felt it prudent to expand our knowledge about one of the most desirable and classically alluring ovens available today, Aga ovens. Finding a reasonably priced Aga oven was no easy task considering that they are quite rare and can fetch prices of upwards of £4,000 if in good condition, fortunately for us being oven cleaning specialists a dirty Aga and one which might be more worse for wear wouldn’t pose us too much trouble so we were quite open minded when it came to finding a suitable Aga for our research.

By snapping up a cheap Aga oven we hoped to be able to learn exactly how they worked, what their vulnerabilities where and to gain better understanding as to how all of the parts fit together. The whole process proved to be much more difficult than we originally thought but eye opening and worthwhile, hence why we have now written a guide on things to consider when buying an Aga oven.

We managed to find an Aga oven of reasonable quality and in the local area on ebay and won the bid for only £100! At first glance everyone in the office was delighted with what we thought was an amazing deal considering what these oven can be worth to the right buyer. The seller had already gone through the process of stripping the Aga oven down into its core components which made it far easier for us to pack up and transport the oven to our storage facility back at our head offices.

The weight of these types of ovens is quite astounding with even smaller variations of Aga’s weighting about half a ton! Our 4 section Aga that we managed to source weighed considerably more than that! Upon arrival and seeing an Aga completely dismantled we weren’t too impressed with it, it looked quite sorry for itself and as if we were collecting pieces of scrap metal. From looking at it in its current state you wouldn’t think this oven was one of the world’s most desirable and well loved Aga’s that many people are talking about if we didn’t know any better we would have taken this Aga oven straight down the tip or recouped our expenditure through scrap metal.

Seeing as we had gone through all of this trouble so far, had committed to the purchase and this was all going to be a learning experience we decided to proceed with painstakingly unloading the unit at our warehouse and start putting the Aga back together. You could have a whole host of worldly experience when it comes to assembling advanced machinery or have worked on large scale buildings from within the construction industry but assembling an Aga oven is a completely different task entirely. When all the individual components weigh as much as they do and with little to no diagrams or references to help you figure out which parts go where putting this Aga back together proved to be an incredibly difficult, yet worthwhile experience.


A note to anyone out there looking to purchase an Aga oven you must take into consideration the various trials and tribulations that will come with it, if the seller has taken the Aga apart it will easily take half a day to put the Aga back together into fully working order, factoring in transportation costs too and you’ll find that the final completed and installed price can work out to be much higher than originally thought. We have heard that there are various companies out there who charge £500-£1,000 to dismantle, transport and then reassemble Aga ovens like the one we purchased and in our eyes, if you can get a reasonable price on the oven unit to begin with then this is money well spent!



If you can see an Aga oven lying around that could be worth £2,500 for around £350 try to factor in an extra £1,000 – £1,500 in additional costs to bring the oven back to showroom condition, if this still proves to be good value and a profit can be made then we urge you to give it a go! If not then make sure you get the most out of your new Aga oven by never moving it from your kitchen again!