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Ok, a bit of a headline catching title I know but we don’t like to shout about something unless it’s quite important. There are many reasons you might be looking for a professional oven cleaning service, a build up of fatty deposits, grease, grime and burnt on food can leave your kitchen smelling unpleasant but worst of all recent studies have shown that charred or burnt meat and fish has been proven to contain cancer causing compounds, if left unchecked these same compounds can make their way onto your food and cause potential harm. For this reason and this reason alone it’s incredibly important to keep your oven clean.

For many of us, cleaning your oven is at the top of the list of most hated household jobs, which is understandable as nobody wants to spend their free time on their hands and knees scrubbing away with their head inside an oven. But other than the doom and gloom of possibly housing cancer causing compounds having a clean oven gives a lot of additional benefits too that might seem obvious but many people fail to take advantage of on a day to day basis.

Better tasting food


A clean oven has many benefits, one of which is the ability to leave your food tasting better than ever. A clean oven will distribute its heat far more efficiently than a dirty oven cooking your food more evenly resulting in better tasting food, also a cleaner oven takes less energy to get to the desired temperature and will also retain its heat far better than a dirty oven. This means that you save money every single time you turn on your oven.

Many people neglect cleaning the door of their oven which means that they oven and close their oven door repeatedly to check if their food is cooked, every single time you do this valuable heat is lost which means your oven has to use more energy to get back to the correct temperature and of course your food takes longer to cook, with a truly clean oven all that is required is for you to peer through the spotless oven window.

Keeping you safe

A clean oven has a variety of safety benefits too, most noticeably that a clean oven poses far less of a fire risk with built up grease and dirt around your hobs and internal fan becoming a potential cause of a fire. Proper oven maintenance is just as important to that of a car, boiler or any other household cleaning task, so get a professional like Oven King to do the hard work for you.

If you have a relatively clean oven already and don’t want to run the risk of allowing it to get too dirty in the first place then using some common sense and following these tips can go a long way in keeping your oven clean for as long as possible in between cleans. Prevent spillages in the first place by not overfilling your cooking pots, tins and pans, place aluminium foil down around or under your food to catch any falling or crumbling deposits so you can easily dispose of them when the cooking is finished. Get into the habit of cleaning up mess as soon as it occurs not giving it the opportunity to dry up and become a nuisance to clean at a later date.

Booking a professional oven clean with Oven King probably won’t cost as much as you might have originally thought. A standard oven clean costs as little as £40 and will leave your oven looking like new as if it has just come off the showroom floor! We specialise in using 100% Eco-friendly and caustic free chemicals that pose no risk to your ovens internal components unlike some store bought alternative cleaning products. Our fume free cleaning process means that there are no invasive smells entering your home and you will barely notice we are there.

Not only that but you’ll be left with a fresh, fragrant and sparkling oven that you’ll want to show off to your friends, time and time again!

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