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Trips to local oven cleaning franchises

In continuing with our business development and pre-launch research the Oven King team sent a small crew up to Bristol early Wednesday morning to visit one of the few established franchisers from within this industry in an attempt to learn more about the business model and to gain a better insight into what we can expect over the next few years. This particular franchiser already has a small fleet of 9 or 10 franchisees of their own, each with their own territory and service vans.

There was a lot that we learned from them but we didn’t feel that they had the same corporate experience that Oven King will have to become a multi-national organisation. We can see them continuing to do what they are comfortable with throughout the next few years taking on only a few new franchisees a year, which is not the growth pattern that Oven King are looking at establishing.

Back in the office for 4/5pm we used a lot of the information we gained to make small amendments and improvements to our own marketing material. The week was far from over for us as the very next day we travelled further up North to Birmingham to visit a much larger company who have been in the industry for the last 20 years. This particular franchiser was actually run by a much larger corporate franchising group who own many more successful franchises, they have a wealth of experience and we aimed to learn a lot from this visit.

We spent a lot of time with existing franchisees showing us the where to and how to of the business. We were also subjected to a few presentations by a number of different people, we walked around the corporate offices and we must admit we were all quite impressed. The day proved to be very informative and pretty well structured. The day had convinced us that this is definately the home service that is still in its infancy and open to vast growth if done properly.

It would seem from our research to date that people are still not aware that oven cleaning is as wide spread as it is and this type of oven cleaning service is available to the general public. From our trips over the last few days we can say that the best part of all of the companies will be rolled into one to help with our forward growth plan.

In the meantime our head offices received delivery of our first service van, ready to be sign printed in the next week. We’ll keep you all updated, all good so far.