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The start of the Oven King journey

An Introduction to Oven King from the Managing Director:

“I have had various experiences with franchising in the past from vending, flooring, karaoke, drop shipping and affiliate websites all which have proven to be excellent business opportunities for people looking to become their own boss and be the master of their own success.

With more than 10 years of franchising experience my team and I have decided that we will concentrate on a new venture that possesses the longevity and long term earning potential that benefits not only us as a company but for the franchisees who ultimately join us.

After various amounts of brainstorming and looking at different business opportunities worldwide, I felt that the next real tangible service to the modern consumer at home is oven cleaning. I have seen various home-based cleaning services spring up over the years including window cleaning, carpet cleaning, garden maintenance and servicing and all of these types of cleaning franchises are proving successful with franchisees benefiting from good rounds and a regular income. The downside to these franchises is that the market is becoming more saturated and exhausted than what the oven cleaning industry is experiencing which enables me to start a business from within this market sector with confidence that we will experience continued growth and longevity for years to come.

You don’t have to be the first to think of a franchise opportunity, all you have to do is find out what your competition is doing and do it better. So as of the 19th April 2013 we started putting together Oven King. Right now we may not be known nationwide as the premier solution for oven cleaning services but we are well on our way to achieving that with a clear cut vision in mind and a unique way of offering our services to the public. In 12 months time we are hoping to be a big name and we recommend that you watch this space!


Tomorrow we will be taking delivery of our first commercial cleaning vehicle, we have also appointed who is to be the Manager of our oven cleaning operations for the South of England. Duane Hills will be going up for his training with Dirt Busters and they will be kitting out our van with all the tools necessary to begin attending bookings in our local area.

In our central offices we have an entire team of staff working on all the branding side to the business including producing graphical artwork, dealing with administration and the production of marketing material that we will begin distribution of in the next few weeks following a strict regional marketing campaign in time for our launch at the beginning of June.

Alongside Duane I will be attending various open days with suppliers from Bristol and Birmingham to secure consistent delivery of chemicals and parts enabling us to perform our job to the highest standards that Oven King will become a household name for. We have realistic expectations that once we have achieved a level of five service vans in our local area that we will be in a strong enough position to start rolling out the first of our franchise areas once we have obtained reputable earning potential figures to go alongside an attractive franchise package to be revealed later in the year.

To keep you updated on the progression of our business then watch this blog for regular accounts on the latest happenings in the world of Oven King.”