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Return on Investment

There really is no limit to the amount you could earn as an OvenKing oven cleaning franchisee. On the most part, your earning potential will be dependent on the amount of time you commit to promoting the services and delivering the high standards that are expected from the OvenKing brand. You may also find that the area you choose to operate in might have an impact on the earning potential of your business. For example, a predominantly rural area will require an increase in travel time between jobs.

Typical earnings of established single van operators are in the region of £40,000-£60,000 a year with multi-van operations generating in the region of £60,000+ depending on just how far each franchisee wishes to take the business. Most franchisees are happy with the earnings from a single van operation, however we encourage those who wish to achieve greater levels of income and will continue to provide ongoing support to achieve this.

The OvenKing oven cleaning franchise business model in itself is proven to be a profitable and a sustainable business. Giving you every opportunity to realise your ambitions as a business owner and achieve financial success. Whatever your goals are our franchise team are at hand to help you achieve the best out of your business.

Who are we looking for?

You do not have to come from a domestic or even commercial cleaning background in order to make a success out of the OvenKing franchise.

All that is required of you is that you have the confidence to take on a business of your own and that you are hard working, driven and willing to follow procedures and guidelines. You will be running a business where being your own boss and earning a great income is at the core of the opportunity. So you will be required to build a professional relationship with not only your customers but with us too as the franchiser.

Taking on an OvenKing oven cleaning franchise is not for everyone, we are looking for individuals who are passionate about working for themselves, and are capable of raising the necessary capital to not only start but sustain their new business venture during it’s infancy.