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Oven Cleaning Training Itinerary

Oven Cleaning Short Training Course

Oven Cleaning Training Course OvenKingOur shorter quick start courses are recommended for those that want to find out more about the industry and what it entails but don’t necessarily need or want to start their business right away. The short oven cleaning training courses are a great introduction to the industry and what the day to day tasks of being an oven cleaner entail.

These one or two day crash courses in oven cleaning will introduce you to the tools of the trade, give you some basic health and safety advice to keep you and your potential customers safe and give you hands on oven cleaning experience with one of our operators.

One Day Course Itinerary

The 1 day course starts with a brief meet and greet with the OvenKing team, a safety talk and then you will go out with a trained and experienced oven cleaning operative to gain valuable real world experience.

Two Day Course Itinerary

The 2 day oven cleaning training course is similar except the hands on experience is extended over two days. In addition at the end of the second day you have the benefit of having time in the office again to ask any questions you may have. Whether they are business related, industry specific, about the tools or chemicals or even marketing strategy. We will answer any and all questions you may have time permitting.

Full Oven Cleaning Training

The full three and four days courses set anyone up with the knowledge required to go to work as an oven cleaner. Not merely offering more of the same as the one and two day coursers we are actually able to cover more subjects and impart more knowledge to the potential oven cleaner. Setting you up for success.

All of the OvenKing oven cleaning training courses include hands on experience and training in our customers homes. We pack our courses full of as much real world experience as we can. This gives the trainee experience of interacting with the customer and of cleaning real grease and grime. Exactly as you would when you begin your oven cleaning career. This is in stark contrast to some other oven cleaning training courses which offer only classroom theory based courses or online distance learning courses. Even some courses which purport to offer cleaning tuition and ‘hands on’ cleaning experience are actually offering a lesser experience of cleaning manufactured dirt from ovens in a warehouse setting. Neither training scenarios will teach you much about actually cleaning a real world oven.

Three and Four Day Training Course Itinerary

For the first two or three hours on day one we discuss with you the industry, market place, opportunities and scope of the business. Including how we think you can build up your oven cleaning business. We offer guidance on pricing strategy, marketing and general operation of your business tailored for you and your community.

After which we go through to the workshop where we will briefly go through the operational manual and introduce you to the equipment and chemicals you will be using. As well as cover some basic health and safety. We also have the opportunity to take some common ovens apart and learn about how an oven in constructed.

In the afternoon of day one all trainees go out with one of our experienced cleaning operatives and shadow them as they work in our clients homes. At first they will just show you how ovens are cleaned on a range of different ovens.

Total Oven Clean Van Design Training Course Pack Cleaning

Over days 2 (and day 3 if on the four day course) the trainees again go out with one of our operatives to our customers homes, where possible we try to give trainees experience of as many different types and sizes of ovens too, so you will often be shadowing multiple OvenKing operatives. Gradually you will do more and more of the cleaning under supervision. Until such a time as you have covered every facet of the oven cleaning process on various makes and models of ovens.

On the fourth day (or the third on the 3 day course) you have a final opportunity to clean an entire oven in the morning to review all topics covered in the hands on experience portion of the training. We then meet at the office and if our operative is happy with your progress you are presented with a certificate of completion for the training.

Total Oven Clean Van Design Training Course Pack CleaningIn the afternoon you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may still have. And if applicable we also introduce you to your new oven cleaning van which has been fitted out with a tank and tools whilst you were on your training. We also run through the various GleamKing chemicals and their safe use. Our own brand of specially formulated oven cleaning chemicals.All start up extra trainees will also have an opportunity to be shown how to log in and manage their website too.

On completion of the three and four day courses the trainee should be a competent at oven cleaning and ready to tackle any job that comes their way.