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Local Oven Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning in Wilton

OvenKing are now able to offer a local oven cleaning service and a carpet cleaning service in Wilton, Wiltshire. Wilton is a town filled with a rich English heritage dating back to the Anglo-saxons. Famous for its carpet trade during the 17th and 16th century. Our oven cleaning and carpet cleaning services have been positively reviewed over 600 times on checkatrade and this shows off out attention to detail. Also our carpet cleaning services are second to none with our years of extensive experience.

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Our Oven Cleaning Service

We all know that cleaning an oven is a difficult and dirty job, so let us do that for you.


How do we clean your oven?

Our Lyndhurst based cleaning technicians will arrive at the job and start cleaning your oven. As professional oven cleaners we have a fully fitted out van with all the tools and products required to restore your oven to nearly new condition*.

This is what we do:

  • We will prepare the oven and surrounding areas with a protective sheet and absorption pad. (avoids any dirt getting on your floor or furniture)
  • All removable parts will be removed from the oven, such as shelves, wire racks, fan (fan assisted ovens) and placed into our specialist dip tanks fitted in our vehicles.
  • Using Eco Friendly cleaning products which are fume free. They will then thoroughly clean your oven, removing any grease and burnt on carbon making the oven shine again. (Please be wary of cleaning companies using coustic cleaning products, it may strip dirt quickly but also damages the enamel on your oven.)
  • Once the oven is cleaned, the technician will remove all items from the dip tank and clean thoroughly before fitting back to your oven.
  • Your oven is clean!

What can we clean?

Here at OvenKing we offer a variety of other kitchen appliance cleaning. We can clean Ovens, Hobs, Extractor Hoods, Barbecues, Microwave ovens and more. Covering single ovens to the large Range ovens.

Why use OvenKing?

  • A truly professional service.
  • All the tools, equipment and cleaning products required for a spotless oven.
  • Eco friendly cleaning products are used, fume free and are not damaging to the environment.
  • Years of experience in cleaning industry.
  • We do a thorough clean, leaving your oven hygienically clean.
  • We carry replacement bulbs and filters.

We have set the high standard of oven cleaning in the Lyndhurst area, so book your oven clean in today and find out why people are talking about OvenKing!


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