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Company History

OvenKing are part of the Self Group which have been operating for many years going back as far as the early 90’s, when we sold franchises for a flooring company – Advance flooring. This was a very successful business until cheaper alternatives came onto the market.

Then we franchised Sebastian’s Gourmet Frozen Food, which was a gourmet seafood delivery service operating door to door. This opportunity was then sold to a successful food supplier.

Self Group then moved into entertainment with Self Entertainment Karaoke which was a great business opportunity and sold nationwide to DJ’s and Compares alike – giving quality equipment and their own rounds of clubs and pubs to work from.

We then moved onto Self Leisure which was a franchise supplying vending machines. We set up vending rounds to malls, bowling alleys and various other outlets. These are still running successfully now.

We have also successfully built up YBIS which sells worldwide opportunities in Affiliate Marketing. This entails people earning extra income from the comfort of their own home – again we offer a high level of back up and support and are having continued success with this home business opportunity.

Then we arrive at where we are now – Oven King. After a certain amount of research we started running this oven cleaning company, supplying this service to the consumer earlier this year – although a relatively young business opportunity we have proved that this is a business that really works. After 6-8 months we have a full diary utilising our fleet of vans. Looking at this business model we have decided that this again will be a great franchise opportunity and we have now put it together ready to franchise. We will offer our usual level of proven back up and support – as we have always previously offered. We know that anybody joining us will have success if they follow our model and instruction.