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Fogging to Prevent Coronavirus

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Right now, we know that businesses are doing everything they can to keep their staff, clients and customers safe. As we slowly begin to return to work, social distancing is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, as is minimising any risk from Coronavirus.

One of the best ways to ensure your business’ safety is to bring in a professional team to complete to a deep clean fogging.

OvenKing will provide you with a certificate once the fog is completed, ensuring that your workers, visitors and clients feel safe and at ease in their workplace.


What is Fogging?

Fogging is an efficient new way of providing a quick, cost-effective deep clean. Trained professionals will be protected by extensive PPE as they enter your workplace or home. They use a specialist machine which will spray a chemical around the room and into the air.


How does it work?

Thanks to the innovative technology, fogging provides a super fine mist that can reach cracks, crevices and floor to ceiling walls. The chemical is sprayed in micro-droplets all round the room- even in hard to reach or often-forgotten places like keyboards or light switches. The micro-droplets enter the air-stream, killing any viral, bacterial or fungal particles that they find – even those that have not yet settled. The machines are fully portable to ensure no space is missed. The result? A truly unbeatable deep clean.

You can read more about it in our blog here.




How effective is Fogging against Coronavirus?


The chemical we use has been tested independently against Coronavirus, and has proven to be 99.99% effective in just five minutes. The super fine mist means that any hidden particles will be found and rendered inactive.

It works by breaking through the cell wall of the virus, disrupting the respiration of the microbe. This effectively means the microbe cannot get oxygen, so in essence, cannot breathe. Not only will this kill the virus, rendering it inactive, but the spray will also attach itself to the DNA of the microbe which will prevent replication – stopping Corona in its tracks.

The chemical is also effective on other microbes- such as bacteria and fungi. As well as Coronavirus, F429FC has been proven to eradicate many other viruses, including Hepatitis B, HIV, SARS and Norovirus, alongside common bacteria like E.Coli, salmonella, streptococcus and listeria. Norovirus and E.Coli are often the cause illness in the workplace- so investing in Fogging can really reduce the risk to yourself and your staff.




 Is it safe? 

Yes. It is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive. The chemical is harmless to humans and   animals- once the procedure is completed, you are able to return to the treated building or room   straight away. It has been tested against, and meets, European standards for this practice.

Independent and extensive testing has been completed, proving the effectiveness of the chemical. These   tests have been done on Feline Coronavirus, Strain Munich, due to the human threat of using the SARS-   CoV2 strain. ISO accredited disinfectant testing laboratories have stated that this is the best surrogate   virus to determine the efficacy against Covid 19.




Why is Fogging better than a regular deep clean?

Disinfectants and commercial and domestic cleaning products can only denature microbes- not kill them. Microbes are left temporarily disabled but able to regenerate and ultimately multiply. Microbes can therefore build a tolerance to chemicals over time – you may have heard that you shouldn’t use antibiotics unless you need them. This is because certain bacteria can develop a resistance to antibiotics over time- its the same with germs and cleaning chemicals.

Certificate Fogging

In addition, fogging has also proven much more time effective- a whole room can be completed 10x faster than with a manual clean, meaning that you can get back to work faster!

Finally, we provide a certificate with your business name and date the process was completed, as well as a copy of the chemical details. This will help to reassure your clients and staff, moving forward.








 What businesses can use Fogging?


Anywhere. Our machines are fully portable and our team of trained technicians are happy to come to you at a convenient time, including evenings and weekends. Common businesses that use fogging include high risk areas like hospitals, nurseries, schools and care homes, as well as anything to do with Food or Food Preparation. We would recommend that any offices also invest in a treatment- in this current climate, anywhere that has multiple households meeting is considered high risk. Gyms, hotels, pubs – in fact, anywhere where people gather to work or socialise. We can also come to your home offices if you run a business from your residence.



How often should I get Fogging done?

It depends on the size of, and spacing in, your workplace. If you have many people in close quarters, regular fogging is a good idea. Should anyone on your team be diagnosed with Covid19, or be isolating with Track and Trace, an immediate fogging would help ensure the safety of your other works. Consider also, having fogging done more frequently as the weather gets colder. ‘Winter bugs’ like Norovirus thrive in the cooler weather, and can be a hazard for your staff.

We recommend every 30 days to ensure the health and protection of your workers.




The chemical has proven effective against all of the following microbes:




Viruses Bacteria Fungi Spores & Yeasts



Swine Flu

Hepatitis B


H5N1 Avian flu



Salmonella spp 

Staphylococcus ssp


Klebsiella ssp

Human Tuberculosis

Bacillus subtillis

Streptococcus spp  

Pseudomonas spp 


 Shigella spp





Aspergillus niger



Microsporum canis

Microsporum gypseum

Clostridium dificile

Candida albicans


Oidium lactis






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