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Flooring & Carpet Cleaning Services

Get a professional to clean your carpet

Is your carpet looking dull and lifeless? Many people find that no matter what cleaning methods they use their carpet just doesn’t have that ‘like new’ colour and feel that it used to. The reality is, there is a huge difference between a standard vacuum clean and an intensive deep carpet cleaning service by Oven King.

Whilst vacuuming your carpet can be a quick and easy way to remove surface dirt and debris from your floor, dirt and dust remains deep within the fabric just waiting to work loose and jump to the surface the moment you walk by, leaving you frustrated with a carpet that just seems to continuously accumulate dirt faster than you can clean it. We use professional cleaning products and equipment that completely removes built up dirt and deposits from your carpet no matter where they hide. Our results are immediate and you’ll be able to see the difference in our cleaning methods from the first patch we handle.

Like your oven we recommend giving your carpet a deep intensive clean every 9-12 months and in most cases we can provide an oven/carpet cleaning service in the same visit, leaving you with two of the most hated household cleaning jobs done and dusted in a matter of hours.

In-home inspection and estimate

Many people see an advert on television or over the radio and jump at the lowest prices in the area. This is all well and good but you can be left dissapointed with the results of other cleaning companies who charge by the room, it is an industry recognised standard between professional carpet cleaning companies to charge for the total surface area being cleaned NOT for individual rooms. Rooms can be various sizes and there may be certain patched of heavily soiled carpet or flooring that might need special attention and pre-conditioning. We do not charge for furniture removal and can make quick work of any situation that we come across.

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