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Having your oven cleaned has never been easier!



So you’re thinking of having your oven cleaned by a professional? You’re not alone! Oven cleaning is understandably one of the most hated household jobs. Many people become frustrated with just how little of an impact their own attempts to clean their oven can have. This is where OvenKing comes in. Take a look at our handy FAQ section below!

OvenKing offers a truly unbeatable oven cleaning service for a range of gas, electric and wood burning ovens. We also offer Aga oven, hob, microwave, extractor fan and BBQ cleaning. There is no job too tough for our professionally-trained oven cleaning technicians to handle!





What happens on the day?

We carry out our unique oven cleaning services with little fuss and at a time that suits you. OvenKing’s non-invasive cleaning methods mean that we do not disturb the atmosphere within your home. This is because the majority of our work can be done outside your home, using our specially-fitted service vans. They come equipped with everything needed to clean the core components of any oven.


We begin by carefully taking apart the racks, fans and other removable parts to your oven and clean them in a specialist dip tank located in our vans. We fully immerse them in our powerful Eco-Friendly, non-caustic, fume-free cleaning agents, which pose no risk to the longevity of your oven. Our cleaning agents strip away any burnt-on grease, food deposits and oil with ease. The result? An oven that looks like it’s just come off the showroom floor!

We then tackle anything that can’t be removed and cleaned in our vans, such as some doors, glass panels and static oven side walls. We clean these by hand, using a non-abrasive degreaser. Next, our OvenKing technicians will thoroughly clean the fan, which can drastically improve the efficiency of your oven, allowing items to cook more evenly and improving the taste of your food.

Our friendly team will reassemble your oven and check it over. Finally, they will polish any stainless steel or ceramic surfaces. Your OvenKing technician will leave you with an oven that looks like new, with a truly stunning and unbeatable finish.



How do I book my oven clean?

Contact us by phone: 01202 705045
Contact us by e-mail: info@ovenking.co.uk

We handle all enquiries through a central hub network and will notify your local oven cleaning specialist of your requirements. OvenKing will do our best to accommodate your preferred date and time. We are able to offer our services outside of normal working hours including evenings, weekends and holidays.



Why should I have my oven cleaned professionally?

Most shop-bought cleaners, even the biggest household brand names, often create unwanted fumes and contain harmful corrosive chemicals. These, when used incorrectly, can damage metallic surfaces, leaving your chrome racking and enamel surfaces cracked, rusted and dull.

This can result in future expense for you, should you have to order replacements. Not to mention the frustration of a less than desirable finish when you have spent hours slaving away attempting to tackle the task yourself!

Not only do we take all of the hard work out of this hated household job, but our methods are proven to extend the life of your oven and improve the taste of your food.



Are your cleaning methods safe?

Absolutely! OvenKing’s unique range of oven cleaning products are non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable and entirely fume-free. Our products have been chosen specifically to work alongside our professional oven cleaning tools located in our vans. This is the best way to get your oven looking like new without having to purchase a brand new oven.



How long does an oven clean take?

Depending on the type, size and condition of the oven, as well as any additional services you may require such as hob or microwave cleaning, the process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. If you are in a time sensitive situation, and require a more accurate figure, our oven cleaning technicians will be able to let you know how long the job will likely take when they are onsite. Here at OvenKing, we do things a little differently.  We do not charge by the hour, and our technicians abide by strict quality of service standards set in place by the OvenKing brand. We take enormous pride in the work that we carry out.



How soon after the clean can I use my oven?

Straight away! Our unique range of eco-friendly, non-toxic and fume-free products means that there is no ‘cooling off’ period in which you have to wait to use your oven, unlike some oven cleaning services out there today. We will pack up, thank you for your business and then you are free to cook, bake and grill to your heart’s content.



How often should I get my oven cleaned?

Many people neglect their ovens, in fact 1 in 4 ovens in the UK are in less than satisfactory working order due to built-up grease, carbon deposits and grime. This means that your food cooks unevenly and your temperature gauges may be displaying improper readings resulting in under-cooked food and possible health risks. An oven should be thoroughly cleaned roughly every 6 months, with a bare minimum of once a year!

We welcome advanced bookings and can often recommend a time for us to re-visit your house to clean your oven again. We can even give you useful hints and tips of how to maintain your oven in between our visits, saving you money in the future.



What does ‘self-cleaning panels’ mean?

Self-cleaning ovens are a bit of a misconception as the panels are designed so that any fat and food residue is burnt off through regular use, leaving the panels cleaner than non self-cleaning oven panels. In theory they do work to some degree, however very few domestic ovens are capable of reaching a temperature high enough that allows this process to work completely. This means that the oven will need still cleaning, like any other, at some stage.

Our cleaning process is designed to work on all ovens and will completely remove any built-up deposits, leaving you with a truly clean oven that will serve its purpose for years to come.



What other services do you offer?

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We are so much more than just ovens! We offer a range of other services including:

Any other questions?


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Contact us by e-mail: info@ovenking.co.uk