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Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet stain removal

So you have spilt something that is going to stain the carpet, such as Wine, Coffee or a Pasta Sauce on the way to the table. Follow the points below which can help keep your carpet in a more stable condition while you are waiting for the carpet cleaner to arrive.

  • Never rub the carpet
  • Remove any solids with a spoon
  • Blot with kitchen towels
  • Spray a light mist of water over the affected water and blot again

Getting the carpet cleaned in a timely manner is normally the best way to avoid the affected areas staining the carpet permanently.

Removing carpet stains can be a difficult job, but using the correct equipment and chemicals in the right way can give outstanding results! Full stain removal on old or dry stains is usually nigh on impossible, our aim is to fade the stain or mark to as close to the original carpet or fabric colouring as possible.

Often food, blood, vomit, and water based inks stains can be improved if tackled early enough. However if they are left the stain actually permanently changes the colour of the carpet. Other stains such as tea or coffee, milk, cream and wine must be removed from the carpet and fabric immediately.

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