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So that you are fully aware, the following is a list of all the tools, consumables and chemicals that the OvenKing oven cleaning training start up and start up extra packages include (besides the chemical dip tank). These items which we include will be enough for you to start cleaning ovens and earning an income from oven cleaning day one, after your training is complete.

1 x 5L OvenKing Oven Cleaning Gel

1 x 5L OvenKing Oven Cleaner Spray

1 x 5L OvenKing Heavy Duty Degreaser

3 x 5L OvenKing Dip Tank Solution

1 x 5kg OvenKing Cleaning Paste

1 x 1L Glass and multi cleaner concentrate

3 x Multi use squeezy bottles

1 x 750ml Stainless steel oil with squeezy top

6 x Anti scratch sponge scourers

5 x Scouring sponge pads

10 x Stainless steel scouring pads

1 x Gauntlets

1 x Box of 100 nitrile gloves

1 x Safety glasses

1 x Aprons

1 x Small ratchet screwdriver set

1 x 5 Piece screwdriver set

1 x 100 Pack of single edged scraper blades

1 x Heavy duty scraper

1 x Small wire brush

1 x 3 piece set of wire brushes for detailing

1 x Long handled wire brush with scraper attachment

1 x Blue roll

5 x Microfibre cloths

5 x Spare 25w lamps

5 x Spare 40w lamps

10 x Spare 15w lamps

3 Packs of 2 hood filters

2 x Gas stickers (for van)