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Case Studies

Liam – Supreme Oven Clean – Dublin

4 Weeks to go

Before the training

Liam chose a 4 Day Training Start Up Extra package after discussing the options with Daryl.

The Start Up Extra package includes a Dip Tank, van fitout, website, business cards and flyers so the process was started about 4 weeks prior to his training week.

Danny (one of our designers) communicated with Liam for the first two weeks, getting a feel for ideas he had and presenting our ideas and design expertise.

Once the logo / corporate image was decided on, it was time to get designs for the business cards and leaflet.

Next was the website, one of the most important aspects of the business (apart from learning to clean ovens of course). Take a look and we are sure you will see the quality and effort that went into building Liam’s WordPress website.

Day 1 of Training

Arrival and meeting the team

Liam came over from the Republic of Ireland, Dublin, to get a 4 Day Training Start Up Extra package. After meeting Daryl, Jo, Ricky and Rob and having an introductory chat with Daryl, it was time to start the training.

Liam was handed his operator’s manual to take away and read during his training period and to take home and keep for reference.

He was then introduced to the equipment and chemicals he would be using, as well as covering some basic health and safety advice.

Daryl and Ricky took Liam to the workshop to get familiar with some ovens and how to remove the doors, fans and more and then it was time to get out on the road.

Real world training

Now that Liam had been shown the basics of health and safety and taking apart the ovens, next was to shadow Ricky out on the day’s cleaning jobs.

Ricky is an experienced oven cleaner, skilled with both domestic and commercial jobs. Most trainees that come to OvenKing / The King Academy for training will meet Ricky and he will be their primary trainer in the field.

Day 2 and 3 of Training

Practice, Practice, Practice

Over the next two days, Liam continued to go out to jobs with Ricky, getting more and more involved with each clean.

The aim was that he would be able to solo clean an oven by the end of the 4 days.


Kitting out the Van

While Liam was out there learning to clean ovens, Daryl was busy behind the scenes installing Liam’s professional Dip Tank and work area.

Day 4 of Training

Final pratical training

On the 4th and last day of Liam’s training he was now at a confidence level where he could clean and oven solo, with Ricky watching and providing guidance if needed.

Liam had gained experience with single ovens, double ovens, ranges, combi ovens and a barbecue. Cleaning a range of appliances with the full range of GleamKing specialist chemicals was a great way to get him prepared for doing this on his own.

At this point Ricky was now checking to see that Liam was ready to make it on his own as a professional oven cleaner, he would later be graded on this for his certification after discussing the grading with Daryl.

Business, Marketing and Web advice

Daryl’s turn now to impart his wisdow on Liam. Liam was treated to comprehensive guidance and advice on running and growing the business, marketing and much more.

Then it was time for a run-through of the chemicals and tools suppliead as part of the Start Up package and gettting them all loaded into the van.

Following this Liam was given an introduction to his new website and trained in how to manage it by Rob, a takeaway guide to the website, emails and more was also provided.

Fully qualified

Now the training was over, Liam was notified of his grade, given his certificate and set out on the return trip to Ireland to get cracking on those Dublin ovens.

I travelled all the way over from Dublin to complete the 4 day course with all the trimmings,met Daryl the leader and the rest of the amazing team behind this successful company.

Ricky gave me so many wise tricks and knowledge to success and help me progress wth my own company,everyone was amazing and helped me understand the ins and outs.

I would defo recommend this company if you are thinking of getting into this line of work.

I’ll keep you posted and thanx for your time and patience.


Supreme Oven Clean

6 Weeks later

Final pratical training

Liam kept in touch with us on his return. He signed up for the Management package, offering direct access to Daryl and Ricky for any issues or guidance.

6 weeks later Liam is doing 17 jobs a week and has earned over £1300 a week.

He is doing so well that he had to have a palletload of cleaning supplies sent over to him to keep up with the demand.

Now that is what we call a success story!!!

I would just like to say big thanks to ok and the team and the backup and support they have given me to date.

I can’t believe it, I have only been in the oven cleaning industry in Dublin for 5 weeks and I already am taking over £1350 per week.

I am also, due to various marketing tactics taught by the team, now booked out to the other side of Christmas on an average of 17 bookings a week. I would like to do more, but I can’t fit more jobs in a week.

If anyone is thinking about joining this lucrative business, I would suggest you get stuck in and build customer base before it’s too late.

I love everything about the industry, from meeting new people every day and of course, getting paid when you finish.

I definitely made the right decision by calling OvenKing and taking the time off to be trained by them and taught the whole oven cleaning industry.

I have today put in a massive order with Gleamking, OvenKing’s chemical brand. This order should tie me through to the New Year.

I thought this would be a good time to take the opportunity to wish the OvenKing team a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Supreme Oven Clean