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OvenKing has now extended our professional oven cleaning and carpet cleaning services coverage to include large areas of Wiltshire and more of Hampshire. We can now offer extensive and professional cleaning services to areas such as Salisbury, Andover, Amesbury and beyond. If you would like more information on areas in which we cover click on any of area names and it will take you to the corresponding page for the area.

Wiltshire and north hampshire both have nice quite towns tucked away rich with English heritage and full of history. With some very important and old buildings, having the oven cleaned is vital. Be it a small single or a large AGA having a clean oven also can help prevent oven fires which will protect you home.

OvenKing’s professional and local oven cleaning service up until now has only served the very bottom of Wiltshire. Due to the addition of a new operator who is based in Amesbury they can serve customers further afield. This means our amazing oven and carpet cleaning services can now come to you. Our oven and carpet cleaning services already have over 600+  positive reviews on Checkatrade. This is due to our amazing customer service and highly trained and fully insured operators.

Our oven cleaning process is far beyond a normal oven clean from an oven cleaner and far better than any cheap cowboy cleaner. Compared to these methods we use eco friendly and fume free chemicals. This keeps your home fume free and keeps you healthy. All our operators are fully equipped with a dip tank in their van to ensure that all built on grime is fully worked on. In comparison store brought chemicals are toxic and full of nasty fumes. If you would like further information on our oven cleaning process why not check out our oven cleaning process page.

To find out more about our professional and local oven cleaning services, why not gives us a call now on 01202 70 50 45 for a fast and free no obligation quote!