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The other day fire fighters were called to reports of a fire which started on an oven glove. As unimpressive and non-damaging that sounds the homeowner had to be given oxygen for smoke inhalation. The fire was put out and no major damages were reported. Its a lucky escape from a potential disaster.

How did the fire start? the homeowner an oven glove under a grill and it caught fire from there. A simple mistake but most certainly a danger that could of had more serious results. Oven fire’s can start from a whole series of small and simple mistakes. Common mistakes are falling asleep during cooking, Forgetting food is in the oven, Self cleaning cycles and insufficient cleaning. Here are some tips to bare in mind to avoid oven fires;

– Cleaning
Cleaning an oven is the main thing which either hinder or helps a fire. An unclean oven will provide fuel for the fire and incur more serious damage to your property. It is highly important to clean your oven regularly or get it professional cleaned at least every 8-12 months. This will prevent the build up of grease and burnt food and also keep your oven in a better working order.

– Careful watch when cooking
While cooking it is your responsibility to keep a watchful eye on your food. Setting alarms, timers and so on is always the best practice but also regularly checking. Some new smart ovens which will be hitting the shelves have cameras inside which allow for even better monitoring! Even regardless of that checking regularly is still important

–  Self cleaning?
Don’t use the self cleaning cycle! It produces massively high levels of heat and has the potential to cause series damage if a fire did occur as the door could not be opened instantly. This could cause the fire to grow in severity.

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